Pricing for family documentary & wedding photography

Family documentary

Lifestyle family photography, in a documentary way.

Instagram stories will always show off the beauty and happiness of a perfect childhood. Photos are being staged, babys are being put in pumpkins or baskets, and many people even believe it is the photographers job to the smoothen and retouch babieskins, in order to make them look perfect. I don't believe in that. What I want to create is a box of real memories, that shows the connections and love between familymembers. Pictures of real unstaged moments, that go far beyond reflecting the beauty of the child, that shows off their personality, the way they see the world.
A photo album, to document a childhood, are memories  children will be sharing with their children, and grandchildren,...and  might be the only present that they will cherish for a lifetime, and become more valueable year after year.

Family sessions take place at home,or a place of your choice, starting at 250e.
Including hires photos download without logo, so you can make your own books/prints.
Books, prints, can as well be ordered..
A beautiful 20x20cm photobook is optional at the extra cost of 75e.