Hi... :)

I am Wouter. Thanks for visiting the about me page.
This actually also is an about you page.
As next to introducing myself, I will share som insights about how I'll photograph you.
Altough this site is mainly in English: You can talk to me in Dutch, and French too.

Next to being a photographer, my main activity, I am a father, I a dreamer, a musician, a collector, an introvert, and a pianoteacher.
I can spend hours on flea markets and antique auctions, searching for old camera's, gramophone records,
or vintage things that I can use for photoshoots.
I have a love for old architecture and abandoned places, things thet refer to an another era.
As a child it was my dream, to have my own little antique shop.
I love music a lot. Especially early jazz and impressionist composers. Over the years I collected many gramophoe records, many unknown. Sometimes I listen to them on my old his master's voice. For every record you have to change the needle and wind it up again.
I think my best photos have a melody, a matching background accompaniment, and the right feel to it.

I don't talk much. Yet I like to be surroundded by people.
I have a six year old daughter, who stays with me every other week.
We have two rescued dogs and two cats. I like how dogs are always happy,
even if I left them a whole day alone, because I am at a wedding.
I like how cats are don't care for anything at all.
I have lost a parent too early.
My father used to make great photos. I have a lot of photos from my childhood.
Yet I don 't own any photo of me and my father together.
I try to plan a photoshoot of me and my daughter together every year,
in weddings or family shoots I don't just pay attention to the beauty of a child,
or the bride.

I try to have an eye for small moments, gestures and emotions.
I never judge. Next to photographing weddings, newborn, birthdays,family, communion portraits,...
It happens that I am booked for boudoirs, lingerie and artistic nudes.
I am proud and excited to photograph my first lgbt wedding in 2020.
I don't want to make picture perfect pinterest photos. I want more than that.
I am aware that many people can "feel" my images. I do that on purpose.
My main subjects are not just people being beautiful, they are real people who love and care for each other.
I know how to get the fancy lighting, the artistic shots...
Yet there is more to a photo than technics and posing
I think portraying people, in a natural and sincere way must be my superpower.

My photos are a reflection of life as it is. With its happiness, joy and its difficulties.
Many photos appear out of an intuition.
I try to predict what might happen,
and be ready before the action takes place
I can naturally guide my couples.
I might not ask a couple to give each other a kiss,
I prefer to wait, and be ready when it happens.
A moment that naturally happens will be more powerful, than one that I created.
I will never ask children to smile at me, and prefer when people don t tell them to,
as I prefer to capture their personality, better photographing a fake smile.

So far that's for me. :)
No let's listen to you!

tell me about you. How you met, what your dreams are, what I can do for you?