Meet our photobooth!

Have you ever imagined...

how amazing it would be,
welcoming your weddingguests to a dinner,
with disposable cups and plates, and plastic cutlery?

Probably not. Because you've got style.
And to that style, our photobooth was designed.

A beautiful combination of:

*Dutch craftmanship
*Antique camera inspired
*Scandinavian vintage

Mixed with the expertise of a professional photographer:
*Full frame camera
*Rasorsharp macrolens
*Professional Elinchrom studiolight

Let the fun begin!

*non-stop and unlimited captions
*double postcard size prints
*direct print (except basic)
*online gallery (one week after)


*2 hours photobooth fun:
*no prints,digital only
275 euro


*2 hours photobooth fun:
*unlimited double prints


*4-5 hours photobooth fun
(up to one hour after first dance )
*unlimited double pints
550 euro
(combination with wedding photography)


*4 hours photobooth fun
unlimited double print

600 euro

Expected: may 2020

Found this baby at a local antique auction.
This winter it will be transformed into a new hipster photobooth. Making it an excellent fit to any vintage inspired, bohemian, or classy wedding.
Bookings are  alleady accepted.